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Safety Harbor, FL


  "As I told you I carry a lot of stress and tension in my face, so the massage felt so very relaxing. My personal experience was that I felt VERY calm afterward. I had not told [my husband] that I was going to get a facial massage. I also did not tell him after the fact (he knew I was going for a [regular] massage).

     "Last night we went to his brother's home for a small celebration of our 40th anniversary. Today, 2 days after the facial massage, he spontaneously said, "Last night you looked radiant and years younger in your face." WOW! I laughed, told him about the facial massage, and relished in the unsolicited, unexpected (my husband is NOT one to share this type of feedback so this is pretty remarkable) comment.

     "I am sold. I'll see you April 6. 8-)

     Thank you."

---C. Kraus, Carrboro, March, 2012





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